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Financial Consulting

You don’t go to a doctor and ask for the best sales pitch. You go for a consultation. Dealing with your finances should be done the same way. To pursue a consultant approach, you will experience a process for gathering information, analyzing the data, presenting strategies, and monitoring your progress.

Risk Management / Insurance

Sometimes the worst risks in life are the ones you didn’t realize you were taking. There is no perfect way of reducing all risks in your financial life, but there are many different ways to transfer risk and reduce your exposure. When it comes to insurance, there can be a delicate balance between being insurance rich and cash poor, or cash rich and insurance poor. A few types of insurance that you may need to consider are:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance

Wealth Management

Wealth management is more than simply asset management or investment allocation. Wealth is more than a number on a balance sheet or summary of what you own. Wealth management is what you do with the resources entrusted to you. Not only financial resources, but also your family, friendships, business relationships, ability to serve others, and many other areas in your life. Unless there is a clear definition of what wealth means, you may have difficulty finding contentment or feeling like you have addressed your objectives. Let’s have a discussion about how you define wealth and focus on a wealth management plan that works toward that goal.

Work-optional Lifestyle Planning

Rather than focusing on being able to quit a job you hate when you retire, let’s focus on a lifestyle plan that allows you to pursue work that you love right now. If you were not paid for the work you are doing right now, would you continue doing it? Don’t let your finances make you captive to your job. This will take discipline and hard work, but anything worth doing usually does. The result is the freedom to change jobs, change careers, spend time with family, volunteer, or whatever else you are passionate about doing. Let’s discuss a disciplined approach to financial management that puts you in charge of your money, rather than letting money control you.

Tax Planning Referrals

A tax professional can be a valuable partner for helping you keep what you have earned. As a way to help reduce the tax-drag on your finances, I am committed to working with the tax preparer of your choosing or by offering referrals to another tax professional. My belief is that there is no sense in giving away more than is absolutely necessary in taxes. Proper planning and an understanding of the tax code may help you better manage the impact of taxes and allow you to keep more of what you have earned.

Estate Planning

You may be able to avoid some taxes, but avoiding death is a different story. When you die, you will very likely have an estate. Because of that, estate planning is for everyone and not just the elderly. Doing the planning while you are living may help avoid many conflicts and uncertainties after you die. Your estate plan may be as simple as correct titling of your assets or naming of beneficiaries, but it may be a lot more complicated than that. Let’s review your situation and look for opportunities to partner with a legal professional to review or put together a plan.

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